Lawrence Krauss vs John Lennox – Science, the universe & the God Question – Unbelievable?

In September 2013 Professors John Lennox and Lawrence Krauss were interviewed on Premier Christian Radio’s ‘Unbelievable?’ programme on the topic of science, the universe and the God Question. The recent documentary ‘the God Question’ was used as a basis for the discussion. The audio of the talk can be listened to by clicking here.

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7 Comments on “Lawrence Krauss vs John Lennox – Science, the universe & the God Question – Unbelievable?

  1. Thank you for your work. My son is a geologist and is working on his phd in California. He loves the Savior and tries to share his faith as best he can. As you can imagine, he is up against a lot of unbelieving people, but thank you for your work. Your words help him and how he deals with others, chris.

  2. While admitting to a sense of fascination with the debates and discussions between academics who either hold to the Christian or atheist( or should this read anti-theist?) world views, I cannot but wonder why these debates and discussions are held (yes- the ‘why’ question once again). As a Christian, I understand that an atheist like Krauss does not believe in God but is it important that I know why he believes thus. Of course Krauss, like Dawkins, appears to consider the question ‘why’ a silly question. Furthermore, perhaps someone can tell me if these debates etc. have ever led to conversions?

    • In (late) reaction to you, dear Peter: Intention is to follow the reasoning and arguments of people to possibly learn from one another. And here is already a main problem in my view: Rather than striving to achieve this, most people seem to debate for the sake of it or to confirm their worldview based on certain (few) arguments (same holds for the listening public). We shall love the Lord with all our heart, sould, strength and mind and the mind is challenged in such debates. Thank God for John

  3. Been watching the debates and your sermons/talks, and I’m so blessed with your insight from your personal experience, scientific and philosophic point of view. You’ve got a great gift from God. Praise the Lord for using you to shed the Truth not just from the Pulpit, but also from the Stage and Lecture theaters.

  4. the antagonists have failed to ask the grand epistemological and metaphysical questions. I wonder if they have read Aristotle or Kant. They ought to read Lord Tennyston’s The Ancient Sage