The Loud Absence

A talk at Columbia University

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28 Comments on “The Loud Absence

  1. I watched your debates I have a disability and get teased alot your my role model because your such a smart person and a proud Christian and your philosophy on god and jesus is so amazing never give up on your belief in Christ may he bless you and everyone in your life

    • Enjoyed reading your comments & your commendation of Mr. Lennox. Indeed he is being mightily used of God and fulfilling the command of 1Peter 3:15.

  2. Thank you so much, Dr. Lennox, for your brilliant and fascinating talks. I have watched practically all your debates and talks online. I find such astonishing insights and sound ideas that have only deepened my faith in a gloriously great God. It is always a joy and very entertaining to listen to your talks. I invariably come away intellectually and spiritually richer it seems. I share them with my loved ones whenever possible knowing that it shall be very well appreciated. You bear God’s truth and with your wit and formidable intellect you help the rest of us to see Him a bit more clearly. Thank you and may the Lord bless you and your family abundantly.

  3. Having the office of evangelist in my part of the great commission I praise God for his Spirit in you. With the age of technological enlightment and the active attack on the church today, she sometimes finds herself at a loss for extrabiblical apologetic insight. You became our refference. May God be with you, bless and keep you. Thank you for your obedience to your call.

  4. Would you mind stop wasting time on Atheists and pay attention to believers and deeper discussions about belief?

  5. Perhaps we are Gods suffering.If God is the best person then He is in the best position to know how to end all suffering and this in fact is what He is doing.If we are Gods children then as a parent He must be going through hell.

  6. Dr Lennox, thank you so much for this informative and inspiring talk. Watching your talks and debates helps me to unravel truths about God and learn a bit more how to graciously share with friends who do not yet know the hope that we have in Jesus . God bless you

  7. What a blessing you are Dr. Lennox. I think you could possibly lead Richard Dawkins to faith in Christ! It’s obvious that love is your first response to aithiests and as you know, Love never fails! Praying for you from Canada.

  8. can you explain the earth’s orbit around the sun , reaching the speed of light spacecraft with a light year away from the position we go and what by the time we get back to the world again

  9. John Lennox has the courage to be counted … in a world of so-called intellectuals who are blind to the beauty of creation. They avoid the miracles of nature, of flowers with all its glory, life, stars, gravity and the air we breathe. Isaiah 55 v 6 to 13

  10. Thanks be to God for John Lennox ,his wisdom and understanding of Truth-probably the only Christian leader in the world who can convey the message of God in such a profound and meaningful way. God has richly blessed John Lennox to deliver his message as none other at this time in history-Thankyou Professor Lennox

  11. Thank You God for people like John Lennox that convey the Truth to us believers. Thank you John L and Veritas Forum for all that you do.