The Loud Absence

A talk at Columbia University

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28 Comments on “The Loud Absence

  1. Dear Brother John,
    I have 3 questions that I like to ask people.
    I think if everyone knew the answers to them, they would understand a lot more of the bigger questions.
    1. What is a mortal sin? (at it’s core)
    2. What is repentance? (in it’s simplest form)
    3. How can you tell the difference between a good man and an unrepentant mortal sinner?
    Vivat Jesus

    • well.. You might get the answers of those in ‘key bible concepts’ written by John Lennox. Hope you can find the answers in the book.

  2. With all the evidence of God’s existence, why do people still doubt? It break my heart when l hear people say there is no God or l am not religious. Are humans by nature afraid of being expose of sin?

  3. God bless you Sir.I believe You are doing much greater job than a million religious preachers/ or imams. I am fascinated by your talks and impressed by your arguments. Hope your activities help all those who deny the prescence of God rethink their positions. Amen

  4. I am from Costa Rica and all your videos have helped me to understand important aspects about life, that were very dificult for me before. I believe in Jesus now in a better way