Is Anything Worth Believing In

A talk at the University of Pennsylvania

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10 Comments on “Is Anything Worth Believing In

  1. Thank you so much, John! Your rich insight and understanding of God is a breath of fresh air in a secular society that would suffocate us. In a society that would even have us believe the killing of a baby in the womb is good. Your concise answers are very helpful when speaking to others. May God bless your work. Oh, isn’t Christ so glorious in what He has done for us!!!

  2. Many thanks to Professor Lennox for his wonderful insights. He brings a freshness, a “wonder” and a passion to his belief that is inspiring. As a Roman Catholic I share his love for God, and Jesus. While we do disagree on many points, may I say that he is a “God-send?” Professor, long life, and happiness to you. You will be in my prayers. Thank you very, very much for all your hard work and efforts. Regards, Barbara Hvilivitzky in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

  3. Thank you very much for standing up for the truth in midst of the confusing people! As a research candidate, I feel it is so vital for students in the universities to be enlightened about the TRUTH from the word of God. May God bless your ministry.

  4. It is wonderful to hear such great argument for God and his love. Being a college graduate I have heard so many negative comments that was against God. Thank you

  5. I am a believer, watched many of your debates and in general I agree with most of your statement, of all the debates I have watched, however nobody absolutely nobody makes any reference to Lucifer/satan and in my opinion should be included, this may explain why people are being deceived and do not believe in the Christian bible. The bible describes them as the ;fallen angels’ and the deceivers.

  6. Great conference, very much interested in Apologetics and Prof. Lenox has to say. I agree with Lenox, “trust” is the most paramount interaction that followers of Christ have with God. Would like to know when Prof. Lenox is visiting universities in the Philadelphia, PA, Delaware and New Jersey USA.