God: Rendered Irrelevant

A talk at Duke University.

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15 Comments on “God: Rendered Irrelevant

  1. Thank you for doing so much to dispell the myth that one must abandon intellect in order to believe in The One True God.

  2. Dear brother, God is blessed you. I Thank God for your life in this time. Jesus must come to the people on every places on this earth. That plan of Gods mercy must fulfil. Jesus comming is verry soon. I see your german part of talk and see the Lord is with you. God will safe this riches one also he will safe the poores. It is good for me to see you also as an speaker in other languages. Thanks to Jesus

  3. If God Is Not Relevant, Than Life Is Most Pitiable And Futile. There Would Be No Hope And No Apparent Answers For All The Sufferings, Pain And The Injustice That Takes It Toil On This World. You Are Been Greatly Used By Our Gracious And Glorious God. Praying For You. God Bless. Maranatha.

  4. For the answer to pain and suffering I remember the first time I fell in love. Life suddenly became bigger and Love became truth. I realized that something had gone wrong with the life I knew until then. The mystery of original sin remains the only explanation that rings true for me. Yes life is good but it’s been corrupted. This is not the life God wanted to give us, and we are not the way God wanted to make us. Christianity says nothing that can’t be experienced as real

  5. My general feeling is that professor John Lennox can not claim to be a scientist. I would like to know of any applied mathematics that he has developed that uses any constants or variables, that directly relate to God. Could he give me an example of a mathematical formula which is dependent on a theist God related variable or constant?

    • John,
      You seemed to have missed the essence of the witnessing by Professor Lennox.
      How can you mind use Mathematics to understand the Universe if we are all just the random products of atoms ?

  6. If the Christian view of God is based on yeshua being god incarnate where does that leave Judaism and Islam. why was; 1) yeshua crucified rather than stoned to death 2) his legs not broken as was normal practice as was both of whom were crucified alongside him 3) he taken down only 6-12 hours after being crucified when normal roman practice was for victims to be left hanging until through decay they fell off.

    • Robert,

      You forget that Jesus was given a terrible scourging before He was crucified.
      That people were known to have died from such scourging.
      While Jesus was nailed to the Cross, others may have been tied to Cross.
      There is no doubt He died, the soldier’s lance proved that.
      Jesus was not to be stoned to dearh because the High Priests did not want to be held directly responsible for the death of Jesus so they brought Him to Pilate. Joseph of Aramithea begged Pilate for the body.

  7. I’ve been listening to Mr. Lennox for over a year and have found his talks to be very stimulating and thought promoting. I wholeheartedly believe him to be a true friend and brother of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What a privilege to make his acquaintance even if it is only through the internet medium. The bible says that by their fruit you shall know them. Be fruitful and multiply, has far more implications than procreating human beings. I pray that you never grow weary in doing good.

    • HOW do you feel about the earth or world created in 6 days ?How long have we been here 6000 years according to the scripture ,do you believe that?Earth,?universe?

  8. That Jesus would die for me, even if I were the only wanton sinner in the world, and I am the most wanton sinner, that Jesus would suffer so much for me though I would not suffer for Him or you or anyone else, is that faith that sustains me in spite of my miserable selfishness.