Cosmic Chemistry: Do science and God mix? (Harwell, 2016)

The footage of John Lennox’s talk at the Harwell Laboratories has been posted up on their internal video platform. They are placed online chronologically and you can find John Lennox’s talk by scrolling through the list to 29th November 2016:

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6 Comments on “Cosmic Chemistry: Do science and God mix? (Harwell, 2016)

  1. Very interested in Dr. Lennox work. I’m very impressed with his work and his debates with leading atheists. Great work Dr Lennox!
    God bless!

  2. Mr Lennox, I enjoy your videos very much and I know you touch every heart
    who watches or takes part in them . But how about a song or two?

  3. I love the way Mr. Lennox teaches with his dry Keltic wit. He has a God given gift! He is a delight to listen to on YOUTUBE.
    all the best