New Resources for 2018 and 2019

Date: 26 Sep 2018

John Lennox has been working on a number of writing projects, so do look out for these in the coming months.

New in 2018

Those released this year include are Determined to Believe? (published by Monarch) and Being Truly Human (Myrtlefield House). The latter is the first of six books in ‘The Quest for Reality and Significance’ series that he wrote with David Gooding (and subsequently updated for publication).

Out in 2019

At the beginning of 2019, John Lennox has two books coming out. The first, in January, is Can Science Explain Everything? (The Good Book Company), which is a new short book examining what science can and can’t tell us, as well as what to make of the claims of Christianity.

This will be followed, in March, by Joseph: A Story of Love, Hate, Slavery, Power and Forgiveness (Crossway), which examines the biblical account of Joseph and how it applies to us today.

John Lennox has also been doing some recording for Lion Hudson, so that the audio books will have his voice on them.

Other writing projects

John Lennox has been working on a very short work on Witnessing (10ofThose) to be released soon, as well as a concise book on Christian principles of work. He is also revising his book God and Stephen Hawking.

New website: coming soon!

There will also be a new website, which will be launched soon. This will be easier to navigate and will also feature more regular news updates and information about his forthcoming engagements.

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3 Comments on “New Resources for 2018 and 2019

  1. Thank the Good Lord for solid teaching…I have gained so much from your YouTube videos ….Will you be in the NYC/CT AREA any time soon? Yale could use a visit!
    Gods peace and Love in Christ,Dave Hudenets

  2. I would like to see John have published on his web site, links to recommended links to other people of his calibre who have published or written articles or papers that speak to relevant topics for Christians.

  3. Glory to God for creating such a smart and authentic individual as John Lennox. He is so brilliant and I’ve learned so much from him. Thank you, Lord!