John Lennox included amongst the “50 Smartest People of Faith”

Date: 05 Jan 2013

The has included John Lennox amongst its ’50 smartest people of faith’:

Do you agree with the list or is there anyone you think should have been included who wasn’t?

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17 Comments on “John Lennox included amongst the “50 Smartest People of Faith”

  1. I have listened to John Lennox many times,on Yo u Tube.I have heard him refer to Prof Hawking being “light years” ahead of him in termes of intellect…then spend an houyr telling us all Hawking has got it wrong!! As Lennox freely concedes that Hawkinbg is far smarter than he,it seems Hawking is the man we should take hed of.

    • Just to be clear, because someone is “smarter” they should be given a higher standing in all things? If you have not already done so, I would suggest reading “God’s Undertaker” and “God and Stephen Hawking” and determine for yourself John’s replies to Stephen Hawking’s theories and ideas and judge for yourself what you find more plausible or “correct.” I’m certain not everyone who reads these books will agree with John, but his opinions and ideas are certainly as valid as Hawking.

    • As you surely know, Mr. Campbell, intelligence refers to knowledge. Professor Hawking’s intellect does not assure an accurate conclusion any more than emotion and a bunch of misspelled words return an accurate critique. As history proves, intellect without wisdom is a dangerous thing. It also takes wisdom to draw the best conclusion.

      Professor Lennox is a gentleman with a wise and balanced perspective of reality. [Not to mention a great sense of humor.]

    • John Lennox has a great intellect, and so does Hawking, but its what you do with it that’s important. Lennox has Christian principles written on his heart. Lennox is using his mind in a way that God wants us to; Hawking of course isn’t!

  2. How did the Director of the Human Genome Project and head of the National Institute of Health Francis Collins not make the list?
    He is one of the most accomplished scientist on the planet.

    • Francis Collins may well be, in reality, one of the fifty most intelligent living people of faith in the world at present, but ‘faith’, as defined by the modern church, increasingly seems to believe that space must be provided for a faith in the politically correct fantasies of contemporary politics (particularly feminism) as well as the actualities of biblical ethics and empirical rational truth. The modern church seems to believe such a paradox is good for the long term. The bible certainly doesn’t – nor do writers like C.S.Lewis and G.K. Chesterton – but who are they to say.

  3. I think that John Lennox is probably the smartest person of faith today. May God bless him as he continues with the wisdom and understanding given to him by the Holy Spirit of JESUS.

  4. Not only is this gentleman particularly intelligent, but he is also greatly beloved by his brothers and sisters in Christ … speaking with an elegant intuition which the spirit both profoundly feels and believes.

  5. 1 time I listen to J Lennox and thank-you so much to bring such beautiful testimony that God exists and Jesus is the messiah. May God bless you.

  6. The more I understand science, the greater my belief in God as the architect of the universe. God is omniscience i.e all science. So any science that excludes him from the equation in my opinion is pseudo science.

  7. I’ve thought for years that through the different areas of science, God’s creative genius would become obvious. Its taken John Lennox, and especially him, to tell the truth face to face to the great liars of this age, Dawkins, Hitchens and Hawking. John Lennox gives us ordinary folk a window into God’s mind through the spectacles of science. Thank you.

  8. Whether he belongs amongst 5, 50, 500, or 5000, I was impressed, convinced, and very appreciative of him sharing the Gospel in such a way this morning at the Peoples Church in Toronto. Thank you Mr. Lennox for all you are doing to ADVANCE the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.
    May God continue to Bless you.

  9. Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, (philosopher, educator, author, speaker) should have been included.

    Keep on Prof John Lennox, you’re doing great :))

    God bless you

    All Christians, hand to hand, to bring everybody to Christ.

    * always have your answer ready for people who ask you about the reason for the hope you have, but do this with gentleness and respect..
    (1 Peter 3:15)

    Peace of Christ