Determined to believe: out now!

Date: 26 Oct 2017

John Lennox’s latest book Determined to Believe is now out! You can read more about the book on the publisher’s website (Monarch) here.


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3 Comments on “Determined to believe: out now!

  1. I thank God for this book. for too long evangelicals have been guilty of imposing a system on the Bible. This has led to a diminishing of much evangelistic zeal. I pray ‘Determined to believe?’ will be used by the Lord to bring us back to biblical Christianity, and zealous evangelism. We have needed something like this for many decades. I hope it is carefully, prayerfully and thoroughly read by the Christian community.

  2. Dear John, you are truly wonderful gift of God! May God bless you in your ministry. I work in Zambia, Africa and it is refreshing to see your point of view on Europe and where it is going. Great apologetic materials to use while reading or watching your lectures. Keep it up!