John Lennox is an academic who travels widely around the world addressing audiences on a range of topics. He is also an author who has produced a number of apologetics books on the interface between science, philosophy and theology. You can keep updated about John Lennox by signing up to receive his newsletter here. He also has an RSS feed and can be followed on Twitter (@ProfJohnLennox).

John Lennox to receive 2012 Phillip Johnson Award

18 May 2012

The Master of Arts in Science and Religion program at Biola University is honouring John Lennox with the 2012 Phillip E. Johnson Award for Liberty and Truth, in recognition of his eloquent responses to naturalism and for his defence of intelligent agency in the universe from the perspective of science...

Review of “Gunning for God” (Matthias Media)

06 Dec 2011

David Ould of "The Briefing" website (Matthias Media) reviews "Gunning for God". Click here to read the review (takes you to a new site) ( is not responsible for the content of other websites)...

John Lennox’s “Gunning for God”: Out Now

23 Sep 2011

John Lennox's latest book "Gunning for God: Why the New Atheists Are Missing the Target" is available in the shops now. Since the twin towers crashed to the ground on 9/11 there has been no end to claims that religion 'is dangerous', 'kills' , or 'poisons everything'. And if religion...

John Lennox’s “Seven Days That Divide the World”: Out Now

09 Aug 2011

John Lennox's latest book "Seven Days that Divide the World" is available in the shops now. In response to the continuing controversy over the interpretation of the creation narrative in Genesis, John Lennox proposes a succinct method of reading and interpreting the first chapters of Genesis without discounting either science...

God and Stephen Hawking: Out Now

11 Jan 2011

We are pleased to announce that John Lennox's new book "God and Stephen Hawking" is now available. Click here to purchase This is a response to Stephen Hawking's latest book "The Grand Design" in which he suggests that the universe can be created by the laws of nature alone....

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