National Prayer Breakfast (2013): God & Society in 21st Century Britain

On 25 June, Prof John Lennox was the speaker for the 2013 annual National Prayer Breakfast at the Houses of Parliament. His address, entitled “God and Society: Belief in God in 21st Century Britain”, can be seen here. It is reproduced with permission of the Bible Society.

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2 Comments on “National Prayer Breakfast (2013): God & Society in 21st Century Britain

  1. Professor John – just want to let you know your words have echoed beyond the walls of that building, and have travelled further beyond borders. Thank you for speaking the truth in a world where apathy towards God abounds. It seems the world is turning its back on Jesus Christ, the world’s only hope and full and complete answer. You’ve said it well, society believes Christianity is a “delusion”. May Jesus one day say to you “well done, my good and faithful servant”. Matthew 25:21.

  2. This was an excellent and truthful insight into how things are today regarding Christianity. We need more people to stand up Like Prof.John Lennox and speak out for the truths of God. Both my husband and I said it would have been good to see the people seated get up and give the Professor a standing ovation – not because of who he is but for the words he so clearly gave in defence of the Christian faith we are privileged to have. I will share this message with as many as possible. Thank you