Why atheists are missing the target

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6 Comments on “Why atheists are missing the target

  1. Thanks John for all of the tremendous insight and brilliant information on the subject of science and God!!

  2. Thank you Prof Lennox you explain things in a way that lay people like me can understand. keep up the good work

    The peace of the LORD be with you

  3. Dear mr Lennox, you helped me so much in understanding my struggle with the atheist world view.You gave me words to think about truth as it can be in science not competing with religion. I thank you very much and if I could write English as well I understand you, I could write why you are a star on my horizon.
    This is a comment from a non native English speaker. (And I don’t know how to talk or spell your languange in the right way.)

  4. Thank you for sharing your insights. One cannot be an intellectually honest Atheist, because it would require knowing everything to be able to assert there is no God. No one has faith in a Flying Spaghetti Monster, but more than 3.5 Billion have faith in God. Why? Because God reveals Himself in nature. We live in a world of beauty and order, and even what appears to be random chaos obeys the simplest of mathematical equations.

  5. Thank you for sharing Mr. Lennox. I listen to you often as I feel we as Christians are ill equipped to answer the tough questions presented to us today. God bless you and thank you for being faithful in your ministry.