The Search For Meaning: Science And God

Some modern-day theories seem to pit science against God, but why? Do you have to choose or can you intellectually believe in both? In Science & God, author and social critic Os Guinness engages Oxford University Professor of Mathematics John Lennox in a conversation that explores this tension, with calculations that subtract neither God nor science. Lennox looks at both historical and contemporary explanations of the universe, and he uses debate-tested conclusions and simple illustrations to clarify the real issues of this controversy.Some of the video can be viewed here (26 minutes):

The whole thing is available for purchase via the following link: The Search for Meaning: Science & God DVD 

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3 Comments on “The Search For Meaning: Science And God

  1. Thanks for your very encouraging, intelligent, biblical ministry. I have been inspired to be a better Christian and attorney.Due to illness I have had time to listen to most of your debates, etc., and have purchased most of your books. May the Lord bless you with His presence and strength.

  2. Wonderful, strong but simple message. “In the beginning was the Word, ……through him all things were made…..”