The loud absence: Where is God in suffering?

On the anniversary of September 11th John Lennox (2012) was asked to speak for the Veritas Forum on “The loud absence: Where is God in suffering?” at Columbia University.

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3 Comments on “The loud absence: Where is God in suffering?

  1. The one thing that never goes out of style, unfortunately, is this problem of suffering. I am so thankful to God for bright lights in the darkness – such as John Lennox – who gives us such brilliant and provoking Christian thought that is truly spiritually applicable and intellectual sustaining.
    Thank you, Dr Lennox!

  2. After unbelievably 42 years living as a secrete christian, I have experienced a kind of second conversion. Now I can see Gods’ power and love in the universe and for me personally. To share this fact with other people is now my first priority not because I have to due to Jesus’ command in Math.28, but because of deep joy in heart!! Thanks to Dr.Lennox’s speech on the subject “Hat die Wissenschaft Gott begraben? I am so greatful for him and his messages and for this video!

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