The loud absence: where is God amidst evil and suffering? (2016, TCU)

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6 Comments on “The loud absence: where is God amidst evil and suffering? (2016, TCU)

  1. I can understand the need for tectonic motion is necessary, but how the work evil, disrupts for the natural motion to be a source of pain, death, suffering. If God is the source of love, evil has its source as well. Satan. I pray God’s kingdom come. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

  2. Just listened to “the loud absence; where is God admitst suffering and evil” this is a must listen to for believers and nonbelievers. John Lennox is an outstanding speaker on his faith. He has an amazing way of explaining the fundamental questions . We need more people like him to speak of Christ the way he does. Thank you my brother, your courage is is humbling and encouraging, may God bless you in your walk.

  3. As Annie Dillard has said, all theodicies are harsh. They all end up trying to minimize horror. I knew a boy who wa born with cerebral palsy, had a heart transplant at two and died of cancer at six. And now someone will tell me that this doesn’t count against the notion of divine benevolence. Have some decency.

  4. Just a quick thought that might have been overlooked in the first 5 minutes. Check me and correct me if Iam wrong. Mr. Lennox mentioned 2 possible sources for pain and suffering. Bad done to one another which is moral and than the natural disasters. I would like to suggest self, yes the self pain that we inflict on ourselves which could be considered an evil. We all inflict some kind of pain and suffering upon ourselves . I John 2:15,16. Ponder what this really means and how it affects us