The God Debate: Oxford Union

In November 2012, John Lennox was one of six speakers debating the motion “This house believes in God”.

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7 Comments on “The God Debate: Oxford Union

  1. Simply thrilled by the intellectual yet sincere depth of the presentation. Please include me on your mailing list.

  2. surely I want to know more about your point of view about the bibke and the evidence of it through science

  3. In addition to this logical and scientific evidence for the existence of God, there the Biblical evidence; both the Old Testament and New Testament are mainly speaking about Jesus Christ, with many prophesies in the Old testament about His birth, life and death. And in the same time He and his disciples took many quotations from the Old Testament, which prove their authenticity and unity

  4. Only a dead Man, or a idiot, can’t see the Creator Gods perfectly timed World, but if they aren’t in Christ they are Dead as we all were before we first believed

  5. Very strong, intellectual speech. God speaks to the intellectuals through people like John. Sadly, some [Satan -] deluded scientists think there is no God because they can explain some physical, chemical and biological laws God made. That is what prof. Lennox brilliantly explains.
    Despite all this, my perspective still remains: believe and do not try to understand for you will understand when you believe (for when you die in your belief, God will reveal all to you). Thanks John. God bless you.

  6. Professor Lennox touched strongly on the mind argument and then veered off in the strictly religious direction. The existence of our mind, of logic and language are the strongest proofs of God’s existence. There cannot be a debate without minds, logic and language – tools used by all participants. All participants must account for the existence of the phenomena that atheists, implicitly, or explicitly reject as plausible withing a material universe. If a human mind can exist, so can God’s.