The beauty of mathematics

“Why are numbers beautiful? It’s like asking why is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony beautiful. If you don’t see why, someone can’t tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they aren’t beautiful, nothing is.” (Paul Erdős)

John Lennox shares his thoughts on the beauty of mathematics in a podcast for the Centre for Public Christianity featuring Cheryl Prager, a leading Australian mathematician, and Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

You can listen to it by following the link here.

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2 Comments on “The beauty of mathematics

  1. Mathematics is truth and beauty. I heard Sir Michael Atiyah in 1990 in a public lecture on the truth and beauty of mathematics at the National University of Singapore as a Lee Kuan Yew distinguished scholar. One statement he made had such a great impact on me that I still remember it vividly till today. He said if you ask me to choose between truth and beauty of mathematics, I would choose beauty. I totally agree!

  2. And I also believe that God is the author of everything beautiful, including mathematics. When He said “let there be light”, He also said “let there be mathematics”.