Ten Quick Responses to Atheist Claims

Christian Today featured an interview with John Lennox in which he was asked to provide short responses to 10 common atheist claims. To read the article click here:


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43 Comments on “Ten Quick Responses to Atheist Claims

  1. I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Dr. Lennox on Trinity Broadcasting. He was disarmingly charming, kind, and brilliant. He was a “dream” guest and I loved every minute.

  2. Christianity is the only worldview where a true seeker can find all the answers. If you want answers for Origin, Meaning, Morality, Purpose and Destiny, get a copy of the Bible and you will get the answer. I thank God for John Lennox for being faithful in defending the truth and helping the seeker to find that truth. May God bless you richly.

  3. Your books are inspirational: the rationale and facts, though concise, provide clarity and insight with respect to some very complex issues. The style is gentle and most enjoyable.

    Thank you so much for your most wonderful service to God’s kingdom. May He continue to bless you and your work according to His riches.

  4. Dr. Lennox, I thoroughly enjoyed your debate with Dawkins – I feel badly for him as you completely perplexed him! As an aside, your niece and her husband, the Getty’s, frequently perform at McLean Bible Church here in Northern VA. I hope you can get here sometime…Ravi Zacharias comes once per year. I am a retired SEAL Officer and a student in my MA in Christian Apologetics at Liberty Univ, and as such, can you point me to perhaps your most comprehensive work for my classes? Thanks. GOD Bless

    • It’s amusing to read people praise Lennox when he offers no solid position for Christian theism. Someone mentioned Dawkins discussion (rather than a debate in my opinion), describing Dawkins as being “perplexed” by Lennox, I find that to be untrue in my opinion. Lennox kept asserting and not proving anything. It seems Christian apologetics is rife with assertions that they never prove. Lennox keeps on confusing analogies, with his signature Henry Ford example, which I believe Dawkins noted but did not fully respond to.

      This is a Christian theist site so we should expect Dawkins bashing, the same is being done to Lennox on several atheist sites. By the way if those “quick ten responses” are used against me, be rest assured there are ten quick counter responses.

  5. I have listened to more than a few of the debates and videos and must say John Lennox is right on point. I agree that as Christians we must be prepared to answer the reasons for belief and I have to say I am spending more of my time trying to learn more about our Lord Jesus!

  6. I’ve been positively influenced and heartened by the works of CS Lewis and John Lennox. I would love to know who else Mr Lennox would recommend I read, and who he might consider a successor in years to come?

  7. Did God “at some point in history” supernaturally cause homosexuality in the animal kingdom as well as within humanity? We are created as sexuall beings but the answer to this question by Hank Hannegraff felt empty.

  8. If God created us as sexuall beings(animals included) did he have to supernaturally intervene to create homosexuality in our world ? In my opinion God does not Make mistakes. And our nature is not from nurture. It is divine..

    • God created us as free-will beings like him. Sexual orientation including homosexuality is a preference which scientists cannot find any biological basis for.

      • Santy; The biological basis for homosexuality is to provide a “safety net” within a community. Quite simply, a non-breeding pair provides safety and adoptive parentage for orphaned or abandoned young.
        This is demonstrated with brumby mobs where both non-breeding females and non-breeding males adopt and care for foals which have lost their biological parents. Moreover, as these pairs do not show heterosexual activity, they do not attempt to breed and thus remain alert to danger.

  9. I am so glad a learned man like you has put his mind to look beyond human intelligence which by grand design of existence for both material and non-materials things I can only dare to say on is only a figment of it; therefore, cannot totally rationalize or fully understand it. His thoughts higher than our thoughts; “He who comes from above is above all; he who comes from the earth belongs to the earth and his words, too, are earthly. The One who comes from heaven”
    – John 3,31

  10. 4. “This kind of statement ignores that there are different kinds of ‘proof’.”

    Mathematical proof is irrelevant here. So why bring it up? So that you could introduce a false dichotomy to claim that you had absolute, unquestionable mathematical proof on one hand and everything else on the other hand. It was a way of insisting that only mathematical proofs could actually “prove” anything and, since God is not a mathematical problem, whatever you offer as evidence is “proof”. No, it isn’t.

  11. 1) John Lennox is wong, there is no proof of this being, yeah Zeus is a god who did not make the world….yet deities are beings who have followers who worship them.. the amount of power you claim them to have is irrelevant when you dimiss its existence due to lack of evidence for its existence.

    2) ethics and beauty are subjective, arbitrary ideas and perceptions….it was ethically right to kill people in the name of god during the time of the crusades or a knight to beat up a peasant. It is not now. I can explain that relating to my own codex of ethics, I can be scientific and explain why this should be ethically shunned to do so….I do not need a god to tell me, or someone pretending to be sent by god to lecture me. is it moral for a bishop to interfere in an investigation when a priest sexually abuses young boys? if religion is better then science why does it not prevent that.

    3) as an atheist i think god is something that does not concern science like anything that does not exist…science investigates the existence of things made of matter, or energy not mere ideas, ideas as hypothesises or theorys are based on observations. these ideas exist in the mind of individuals, like god, but they don’t exist as entities in spacetime.

    4) true, no evidence for god exists…teleology or circular reasoning is not scientifically valid, you can argue for any number of different gods and things to exist, a lot of contradicting stories would be provable in such way, so there are certain standards how to prove something, and they need to be applied without any arbitrary bias towards or against something. So if you prove Jahwe, and can prove Zeus or Odin the same way, you better shut up for the sake of your credibility.

    5) Gospels as evidence? Are you kidding me. If you chose to believe the gospels to be a reliable source to pick them as evidence for even a more unbelievable claim, you do as in 4). This is a mojor point, you cannot argue that god exists because of the bible, the bible just a book as Harry Potter is. Atheist will not give it credibility in advance… no matter how much a Christian insists, that it contains god’s word. this all is a chain of claims.

    6) Faith is something totally unspecified, and it means loyalty in medieval times, it means belief in something…. a scientist believes in something, but unlikey a Christian or a Muslim this belief is dropped when evidence disproves it. Belief is either a bet or something you would like to be that way hence you believe it.
    And people believe in all sorts of contradicting things,

    10) Mister Lennox, answer the question, don’t change the subject!