Should Christians fear science?

At the BMS Catalyst event in November 2013 John Lennox spoke on the topic of ‘Should Christians fear Science?’


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4 Comments on “Should Christians fear science?

  1. Having difficulty choosing words to describe the presentation. It is sublime, it is captivating and therapeutic. God bless the prof. Albert Eintein did say that the laws of natural phenomena are too intelligent for them to be happening by chance. So true. I rest my comment.

  2. I have experienced a higher level of knowing what Christianity is all about. I am a Religious person, I dare say, but never have been a Christian, this was all because, I have always valued processes rather than the truths & facts.

  3. As a middle school science teacher I am delighted by your beautiful and elegant logic connecting the cause and effect of God ( Intelligent design) upon the natural phenomenon science studies! Indeed, it makes atheism look foolish and so very limited in its pursuit of a logical explanation.