Science and God

John Lennox spoke at the C. S. Lewis Institute in 2016. One was at a banquet for the organisation on the topic of C. S. Lewis himself (click here to watch), whilst the other was a lecture on ‘science and God’ (above).

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4 Comments on “Science and God

  1. Prof. Lennox was never able to answer the questions/objections about Noah and the Flood, and Mr. Tooley’s point that it doesn’t show up in the fossil record etc. What is his take on that?

    • The reason we even have billions of fossils shows there was a world wide flood. Petrified trees standing in vertical positions and mammoth fossils too in standing position.

    • I would add that many Christians believe the flood was an allegorical story designed to make a point (a warning) rather than a historical event. Remember that not every passage is literal–as when Jesus says “I am the door.” Metaphors abound.

  2. I would love to meet Jon and discuss the content of this lecture by Dr. John Lennox, RZIM Phd. Oxford in Math He is a gracious, winsome and brilliant Irish speaker.