Saving America’s Future

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6 Comments on “Saving America’s Future

  1. Grand Father Dave here in Maine, seeing the faith fullness of Christ, saving my 7 children, 16 grandchildren ,you bless us all and give us hope.

  2. To force us to choose between Christianity or Socialism is a false dilemma, just like the false dilemma between Christianity or Science.

    By the same token, to establish an inseparable equation between Socialism- Atheism and Socialism-Dictatorship implies a combination of further fallacies: “package deal” and “ad hominem”.

    The fact that some of the advocates of Socialism claim to be Atheists, does not mean that Socialism is an Atheist doctrine. To the contrary, as I will explain in next comment

  3. As per definition, Socialism is practical Christianity:

    Furthermore, the fact that the WW2 Fascist regimes and the subsequent dictatorial “communist” regimes – in fact variants of Fascism – have been falsely termed as “socialism”, does not entail that the genuine definition of Socialism is in contradiction with Democracy. To the contrary: genuine Socialism is just another term for Democracy, ie: power of the people.

  4. To prove my point from another perspective:
    Capitalism is based upon the rule of the survival of the fittest, ie a social Darwinian hence inherently Fascist system.
    One of the most prominent and influential advocates of Capitalism, Ayn Rand, was a self-confessed Atheist, who expressly rejected God, despised religious ethics, selflessness and altruism, and introduced an opposite moral code, the “virtue of selfishness” and upon such “moral” basis she claimed that Capitalism is the “unknown ideal”.

  5. I posted my comments and private messages as I find this topic extremely important. What is the task of a truthful Christian of our era? What would Jesus do?

    The only way to save our future is via reclaiming the objective definitions of these vital concepts, by educating one another on mass scale, and by advocating society-wide peaceful movements and civil disobedience to this lethal system. Otherwise the fate of the next generations will be a global version of the Hitlerian era.
    Thank you.

  6. I’m a Muslim I don’t hate Christians I don’t kill people and you may think like in Iraq or Iran or another middle east country there’s an always bomb that kills people or every day we burn American flag and shoot to air with AK-47 It’s not true that is what western media makes us look like that we don’t hate America we even drink Coca-Cola