Maths, Science and God

On 20 April 2013, Radio New Zealand featured an extended interview with John Lennox, which discussed the nature of science and faith. You can listed to the whole interview with Kim Hill here:,-science-and-god


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5 Comments on “Maths, Science and God

  1. I have listened to many of Prof Lennox’s debates and have learned a lot.
    It was very clear the interviewer was leaning toward atheist and libral left, made for great radio. At the end she was trying to push in abortion and gay marriage to try and show the audience how “hateful” Christians are, and there was no time too give a love filled answer. So what to do?

    • The interview was in April. Here we are in September, and the interviewer has not arranged a sequel to take care of “unfinished business”. Other than praying for Prof Lennox’s continued good health, energy and wisdom, what more need one do?

  2. John Lennox has alot of gracious patience. Kim interuppted and showed her lack of understanding of who God is. Due to being prejudice and chosen ignorance.

  3. As a gay person, I feel that Prof. Lennox has not addressed the issue of gay people wishing the church. I am talking here about monogamous, loving couples and families – people who could put most straight couples to shame. I feel he has really left us out, which is a very great pity. as I enjoy his arguments and debates.

  4. I was impressed with Dr. Lennox and his poignant answers to a barrage of disconnected questions. Any time he began to get to the conclusion of his arguments, however, the interviewer would attempt to derail with another question and if unsuccessful, would rush into another unrelated question as if to say “move along, nothing to see here!” The interviewer was positively incorrigible. It was clear throughout the interview that her goal was not to elicit the best answer to her questions.