Lent Talk on science and religion (transcript)

On 14 March 2012, (BBC) Radio 4 aired John Lennox’s contribution to their series of Lent Talks, which addresses ideas about faith and religion.

To read the transcript please click here or here

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2 Comments on “Lent Talk on science and religion (transcript)

  1. discovered your website via youtube last year, our church collapsed and i began seraching for a new input while we as a family didnt have a church, yourself and Ravi have been a big boost, much needed and I thank God for people like you.,

  2. Jesus was everything that was expected from a Messiah and He was by no means unique. Secondly the Gospels were not written by the disciples themselves, but by early Christian scholars. Hence “The Gospel According To… “. Many other ancient scripts have similar levels of literary intellect. Thirdly, there were many sects around that time, incl Pharisees, Saducees, Essenes and the Zealots. Christianity and Judaism were the two that eventually grew into something more substantial. Stick to science.