Keswick Convention Talks

All of John Lennox’s talks from the recent Keswick Convention can be listened to on the event’s website site here.

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5 Comments on “Keswick Convention Talks

  1. I am an enormous admirer of the work of Professor Lennox. He was one of the main inspirations, with Dr. Zacharias, Dr. McGrath, and OCCA Director Stuart McAllister that brought this former skeptic turned believer to think.

  2. Dr. Lennox, Thank you so much for the Christian stand you take in your debates. It is refreshing to see a gentleman with your influence stand for the Lord. Respectfully in Christ, Bob Reichelt

  3. God bless you Dr. John, you have been always an inspiration as lecturer, debater, bible teacher, & to your students. A jewel given by God to His church.