Keswick Convention: In the Beginning 3

John Lennox is currently (July 2013) speaking at the Keswick Convention and his Bible talks are being serialised by Heather Tomlinson in her blog for Christianity Magazine. The third installment can be read here:

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2 Comments on “Keswick Convention: In the Beginning 3

  1. As a Keswickian, but now living in Stockport, I attended the Convention some 60 years ago. Then the bible was taken literally, every word was inspired. But I came to see that the Bible must be interpreted in the context of the period it was written. It seems that having a speaker with a scientific approach can be nothing but beneficial to all who listen to Prof Lennox.

  2. The Bible says that God created the heavans with His out streached arms. There is no way you can get a Big Bang from that.