Keswick Convention: In the Beginning 2

John Lennox is currently (July 2013) speaking at the Keswick Convention and his Bible talks are being serialised by Heather Tomlinson in her blog for Christianity Magazine. The second installment can be read here:

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2 Comments on “Keswick Convention: In the Beginning 2

  1. Dr Lennox brings up the mystery of the trinity. While I agree that it is ultimately outside human grasp, God gives us insight through creation. Man is created in the image of God. As such we are stamped with a tri-unity mystery ourselves. We are body, mind and spirit. These are each very different things, yet integral to our current existence. While I don’t know how they are all stiched together, I am certain I need all three to function in this world. No explanation, just an insight.

  2. Thank you John for your efforts in helping scientists feel supported in their faith both privately and publically. I am considering whether to return to Oxford to further my research with a mind toward expanding the problems research to include information-action a small component of the modern apologetics you speak on. Thank you so much for your inspiration and the drive to make me aspire once more to serve Gods calling in science and complex unbounded problems – CUPs in grace, Peter Weiske