John Lennox on C. S. Lewis

John Lennox spoke at the C. S. Lewis Institute in 2016. One was at a banquet for the organisation on the topic of C. S. Lewis himself (above), whilst the other was a lecture on ‘science and God’ (click here to watch).

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6 Comments on “John Lennox on C. S. Lewis

  1. Thank you. Need to be reminded of these great Xian truths hidden under the noise of our fast moving shallow secular,hedonistic culture
    God bless

  2. I wrote a book titled “God Loves Science”. It has scientific analyses on
    1. why evolution is a science and Darwinism is a conjecture,
    2. why four million years is too short for a hominid to evolve to a Homo sapiens unless it is helped by God,
    3. how God syncronized the gradual atrophy of human physiology with simultaneous evolution of our brain and mind to prevent our extinction,
    3. why Eve theory African origin is wrong and multiregional evolution of Homo sapiens has to be the product of God’s plans.
    I like permission to send the first chapter of this book to professor Lennox. How do I do that?

  3. Prof Lennox, you are a blessing to the Christian body . Thank you for your in-depth analysis and clear explanation of eternal truths . God of the Bible is obviously with you . Peace