John Lennox in the movie ‘God’s not dead’

If you are interested in movies, it may not have escaped your attention that the film ‘God’s not dead’ has been a surprise hit at theatres, grossing almost $50m in five weeks in the States. The movie, which opened in the UK over the Easter weekend, features a student named Josh Wheaton (played by Shane Harper) who has to try and persuade his philosophy teacher, Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo), that God exists.

Without wanting to give any of the plot away, it is during one of the exchanges that he quotes Professor John Lennox. His arguments are not elaborated in the movie, but if you are interested in more detailed responses from Lennox, we recommend the following resources:

An interview with John Lennox about the movie

Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design

Responding to the new atheists

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11 Comments on “John Lennox in the movie ‘God’s not dead’

  1. I think Prof. Lennox is doing a fine job as a Christian apologist. I do wish more academics would come forward and merely confess their faith openly

  2. It’s long overdue for Prof. John Lennox to gain a wider audience and status in popular-culture — people should welcome his intelligence as a genuine gift for those who already believe in G_D, or for those open to being convinced of G_D’s existence in a rational and reasonable way. And, they will appreciate how far ahead he is of the atheists in the arguments for G_D’s existence, and what it means if He isn’t real.

    Daniel Moszkowicz

  3. I am based in Harare,Zimbabwe and have been learning about Apologetics through RZIM and watching Dr Lennox on YouTube.It’s not a very popular subject in our part of the world but I want to learn more.

  4. I was surprised and pleased to find that the excellent arguments, which sounded so familiar to me, as also to others who have read Dr. Lennox’s books. Good job and keep it coming Dr Lennox!

  5. I am a young christian born and raised in Ghana. I have recently become very interested in apologetics since i came in contact with RZIM and Dr. Ravi and I think Prof. John Lennox is doing a marvelous job with the intellect God gave him. Atheism hasn’t gained grounds here in West Africa but its my prayer that the unbelieving people in the rest of the world would be greatly affected by Prof. Lennox’s ministry. God bless.

  6. Lennox’s comments make scientific sense. Hawking’s defy common sense and scientific maxims such as ” matter can neither be created nor destroyed.” As
    C.S. Lewis once said, ” common sense is not common.” Could Lewis have been thinking about the rise of the Hawking’s apostles back in 1960 ?

  7. Professor John Lennox is really a genius. I pray for a tremendous knowledge so that does atheist will someday renounce their atheism.

  8. you know I like talks and arguments of this sort, the vendetta is a very easy ideology to comprehend, God versus atheist, light vs dark, good vs bad,death vs life,love vs hate, anymore antithesis or dichotomy could file in… but they all have one thing in common, they all exist. Lennox, you are realistic