Is there a God? (debate with Peter Singer)

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11 Comments on “Is there a God? (debate with Peter Singer)

  1. I need to view this debate several more times to get the full value…there’s that much weighty content.

    Have watched some Lennox/Dawkins debates. First saw Dr lennox in Expelled No Intelligence Allowed.

    Dr Lennox not only prepares much, he is a model of graciousness to his debate opponents.

  2. Dr. Lennox,

    I can truthfully say that…I find your debates(subject matter)–to be extremely informative and very well-prepared with “biblical evidences!”

    P.S. … I would love to know how to prepare myself on “HOW TO PREPARE MYSELF FOR CHRISTIANITY DEBATES???”

    Truly, truly thank you…always

    • Hope I’m able to attend at least just one of your lectures (live)-in person!

      Always insightful and encouraging…


  3. Excellent, but as usual john lennox let’s Oxford down by his rediculous beliefs in the super natural and angels. All him and William lane Craig can do is quote other academics. They are good only when you want something to send to sleep, or to realise that all philosophical and theological departments at Universities should be closed down and money sent to save the children. John Lennox is a advert for ridiculous eating habits and spouting rubbish.

    • It’s only ridiculous if you can PROVE his beliefs ridiculous. Just because Science can’t explain something doesn’t mean it’s rubbish…There are many things Science cannot explain but we are to accept them as facts. One example is the existence of your own consciousness.

      • What is wrong with quoting other academics?Isn’t that a good sign of a good academic? A person who’s actually researching and studying other people’s views and opinions? I would love to hear some arguments from you about these matters rather than ad hominem.

    • Hi! You might not like Lennox talking about Jesus…but his ability in Science, Mathematics and Theology all win the day for him. And of course, he wants to show you the way to God! James

  4. I have listened and read many of your articles and debate. I must admit that I plagiarize many things you have said or used. I teach a class of 120 “Prime Time” adults Sunday mornings. The course is Apologetics, and for most, this is the first time for this type of study. It is going to be interesting. Thank you for good work.

  5. Mister Lennox, as am atheist I very much admire your intellect. But I think facing Ditchkins and a professional philosopher like Singer it’s quite obviously not the same. You were not at your scintillating best. Perhaps you should have atacked Singer on the issue of the mathematical improbability of certain issues. That is your field of expertise.

  6. The thing is, being an atheist, I root for you in your debates. And this was definitely not your best debate. You did not present a good rebuttal of the rebuttal of the EAAN. And pethaps Singer is not afraid of death, but most of us are. Just because he says he personally does not care (which I do not believe) he did not erase the existential fear at all. Atheism may be true, but it’s still bleak.

  7. Thank you Prof Lennox for your undying devotion to Christ, and for your passion toward truth.
    I am wrestling with doubt/unbelief, and at the moment, it frightens me. I unfortunately do not see God’s miracles at the moment. So many worthy people have passed recently, (Ex: Dr. Nabeel Qureshi), and it’s heartbreaking. I wish I were stronger, but alas, I am not. So, I am hoping that Christ will not choose to abandon me, and I will keep reading my bible, praying…that’s all I can do.