Is God Relevant?

Once upon a time, humans cowered at the rustle of the trees and at the sound of thunder in the sky, ascribing everything in their world to a multitude of gods. This idea was later refined to say that a single God was in charge of the world. Today, science can explain the natural world around us, proving God…irrelevant. But is this true? On 18 February 2013, John Lennox discussed this question (and others) in an event held at Tulane University.

Please note that the audio is slightly muffled at the start, but this is rectified 45 seconds into the recording.

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6 Comments on “Is God Relevant?

  1. I am very much inspired and encouraged to defend my belief in Christ and the existence of a personal God who have created the Universe. Professor Lennox have shown us that our belief in science in no ways obstruct our belief in God the Creator…rather it science proofs the existence of a higher intelligence at work.

  2. I wish Mr. Lennox became more familiar with Islamic worldview about Allah/God and universe, especially in Quran, because Quran introduces the very Christian deity and even purifies the concept of monotheistic belief, as well as enhancing the philosophical view toward universe and human significance. If Mr. Lennox became more familiar with Islam, he will become more armed encountering militant atheism. Islam confirms AND completes all Abrahamic religions, and I wish Lennox explored this more.

  3. I am utterly moved by John Lennox’s lectures. I didn’t know him at all until my scientist nephew introduced him to me and I have been listening to his lectures since then which is only a few months ago. I have just started reading his books!

  4. What a wonderful, thoughtful, and systematic explanation of the science/religion debate – which as you say has been thrown up by our new atheist friends as an attempt to polarise people. Also listened to some of your interviews on Unbelievable. Christianity in the 21st Century badly needs this thinking and Christians need to get hold of it. Thanks to you Professor Lennox! I intend to draw attention to your thinking in my own modest blog.
    Chris Goswami

  5. I discovered on this Monday morning one of my closest friends in this world. I must comment Professor John Lennox on an awesome lecture. A must see!!