Interview with John Lennox for Evangelical Focus

During his summer trip to Spain (2016), Evangelical Focus caught up with John Lennox to discuss his work and the influence of new atheism. You can read it (and view the talk he gave) by clicking here.

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8 Comments on “Interview with John Lennox for Evangelical Focus

  1. I have been following Dr. Lennox teachings for the past three years. The insights that he unraveled gives me such understanding of the word of God that helped me tremendously in my sunday school discussions and clears/answers many questions in my mind.

  2. Thank God for you Dr, Lennox.
    Your work has been one of the main sources of inspiration to me ever since I encountered your books and presentations. Not only the brilliance shining through your thoughts, but the extraordinary kindness that you show even towards those who ridicule you and who resort to lies and logical fallacies in reply to your undefeatable arguments. I hope I will have a chance to meet you in person in the UK or when – hopefully – some time you visit Belgium or a nearby country

  3. Might I suggest that the difference between “I knew before I debated them” and “they do not take me seriously” is merely one of perception. The claim “they are not prepared to consider evidence” is disingenuous: your faith is seen as belief without evidence because you do not provide any, or cannot explain why your assertions qualify. Evidence-based argument requires more rigour than you can offer.

  4. I love hearing Dr. Lennox teach, preach and defend the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is an inspiration and a blessing to the body of Christ.