How can Jesus be both God and man?

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4 Comments on “How can Jesus be both God and man?

  1. mr. lennox, If the only real evidence of God being the only God is his verbal consent, how far do you think he would go to prove his word is true? If you were God how would you express your view of the word God by definition?

  2. Why cant Jesus be just God and not both God and Man? If God can do anything and if God knows everything then how can he learn? God must be capable of limiting his omniscience to the things he must know to be finite. Right?

  3. If one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day then there would be 365 years in a year and 365 million years in a millenia and a day consisting of an evening and a morning which would last throughout the night and throughout the day. What if the word of God echoed out of the darkness during the last six days of the millennial age of the sixth day? What everything was made during these days and they had every detail that went into their creation in the days prior?

  4. Did God create man without substance and do things evolve without direction? If man was created, then made and then formed would adomism be an appropriate heading for it because in each case they were called by the name of Adam? Same goes for Jesus. We have Jesus as in him and the body of Christ is a people called by his name. Is there another heading for this presentation?