Hawking and Dawkins: Is God a Delusion?

This talk was given in South Africa in 2013.

(Please note that the sound is not perfect on this video)

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4 Comments on “Hawking and Dawkins: Is God a Delusion?

  1. Dr. Lennox, your ability to explain complex ideas in a way that even I a layperson can understand is a wonderful talent. Thank you for using that talent in service to our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

  2. Dear John

    Thank you for writing your book “GOD and Stephen Hawking.” You was right in saying that scientists have a major cultural influence. A few years ago, I was evangelising in Leceister Square, London, and this woman objected to the Gospel, saying “I will follow Stephen Hawking!” I tried to mention yourself, but she walked off. Thank you for exposing the logical fallacies and foolishness of Mr Hawking.

  3. Very good!!! Majority of the population around the world are plain stupid on these matters. Most of them are so deeply programmed that they are unable to explore beyond the Bible

  4. by listening your debates and lecture I have learned a lot about the rise of modern theism and motivated me to protect the truth which is attacked from every corner.