Has science buried God? (ASU, 2016)

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6 Comments on “Has science buried God? (ASU, 2016)

  1. Love you John. Thank you all you have done and are still doing to reveal the truth about God and Chritianity. Like your namesake John the Baptist, you might feel that you are just a voice crying in the wilderness, but I hear you and I am sure that many others do as well. The Psalm phrase “He restoreth my soul” might well be said about you John. May God bless and guide you always.

  2. from one Co Armagh brother to another. You are keeping The light burning brightly. Light dispels darkness. Hi from Australia

  3. Really enjoyed this with Richard Dawkins. Dawkins argues strong initially and then dries up to the point of head in the sand absurdity yet his speeches always accept possibilities of God, Design etc. He clearly Imo wants to believe but cannot allow himself. Mr Lennox argues strong and just gets stronger, I felt you were holding back not to embarrass Dawkins. Order, Design the fact that Maths and Physics fit our Universe are proof enough of our Lord the designer.
    Best regards Mr Lennox.