God: Fact or Fiction – Vanderbilt University

On 20 February 2013, John Lennox spoke at Vanderbilt University with Dr Paul Lim on the topic of “God: Fact or Fiction?


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3 Comments on “God: Fact or Fiction – Vanderbilt University

  1. John, great to have the web. site. will recommend it to students at University
    of Michigan. we have over 1,ooo students at campus church on Sunday.
    God bless. dan clifford

  2. Does not the Bible allow self-defense though, not for war sense. War applies to something entirely different. God’s life is precious so is it not right to defend life even if it means justifiable killing when one knows in that moment that the life will be taken by the one who will murder a friend or a loved one. Before Paul put away his sword, he still had the sword. Why did he have the weapon, I assume for self-defense. This seems to me that Jesus did not have an issue with self-defense.

  3. Also, Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world. There is a lot in the Bible which begs one to be an Anarchist (Rules without Rulers of Men). The nature of Government is itself a form of violent coercion which is against the natural right of choice which God gave to us. To me the nature of Government seems very anti-freedom as to what a group of imperfect men seem to protect us from ourselves by mob rule. Can a Christian live by Libertarian ideas? To be honest we practice Anarchy every day.