Did science bury God? (University of Belgrade)

On 31 October 2013, John Lennox spoke at the University of Belgrade on the topic of ‘did science bury God?’. The video from the event (delivered in English) can be seen below.

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2 Comments on “Did science bury God? (University of Belgrade)

  1. Thanks for giving this talk John. Just an observation or re-working of a part of your talk. Atheist stop at the physical universe whilst Christians believe in the Spiritual, that God is spirit. I pray that Atheists who stop at the universe will come to see Jesus as Lord and author of the universe.

  2. I was so encouraged to see Dr. Lennox scale the wall that naturalistic philososophy a.k.a. Atheism has erected between science and the knowledge of the One by whom all things consist – Jesus Christ. Oh to see this wall demolished as a harbinger of a heaven-wrought pouring out of The Blessed Holy Spirit – a true revival to the tribes, nations, and tongues of earth before the great Day of His appearing.